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Windows and Siding Peru, IL

Count on K-Mag for Beautiful Windows and Siding in Peru IL

Are you tired of fighting to close and secure your windows? Does the condition of your siding have you feeling conscious of how it looks compared to your neighbor’s? Why put up with issues with your windows and siding when there’s an easy solution: newly installed windows and siding in Peru IL from K-Mag Basement Solutions! We provide businesses and homeowners throughout Central Illinois with exceptional window and siding installation, among other renovation services. Call today to learn more!

Man installing a new window in Peru IL

Why Might You Need New Siding and Windows?

Is the time right for new siding in windows? It very well might be! Unique problems like excessive energy usage, increased noise pollution, reduced temperature control and more can all be connected to the condition of your home’s windows and siding. By replacing your existing windows and siding with new, reinforced, and insulated products, you improve the overall function of your home. Issues that can be resolved with new siding and windows include:

  • High Electricity Costs – Unfortunately, old and deteriorating siding and windows lose their ability to insulate your home and keep air from escaping, thus requiring more intervention from your HVAC system and driving electricity costs up. A simple update to windows and siding can reduce your property’s reliance on HVAC.
  • Expensive HVAC Repairs – Not only does a continually running HVAC cause electricity bills to rise, but it can increase the risk of a breakdown or malfunction of your system. Rather than having to pay expensive repair costs every time your HVAC goes down, you can keep protecting your system’s condition when windows and siding are doing their job.
  • Reduced Comfort and Security – If you can’t feel safe and comfortable in your home, it’s time to upgrade! Unlike old and deteriorating siding and windows, new is more insulated, allowing for greater temperature control. Additionally, new windows use stronger materials and are more secure than old ones, improving the security of your property.
  • Increased Noise – Siding and windows protect your home from more than bad weather and fluctuating temperatures; they reduce noise pollution, too. Suppose you live near a busy intersection or in an especially noisy section of town. Proper windows and siding can considerably dampen noise penetrating your home or prevent it from escaping.
  • Less Curb Appeal – Ultimately, the problems with your siding and windows might be more aesthetic-based than functional. However, your home’s curb appeal can significantly affect its resale value! New, custom, colorful windows and siding can refresh your property’s exterior, improving both its look and value.
New tan siding in Peru IL installed by experts

Dedicated Contracting Experts

In addition to supplying windows and siding for Peru IL residents, K-Mag specializes in basement contracting services. In fact, it’s what we’re known for! Our contractors have over 40-plus years in the industry, consistently providing prompt, courteous service and high-quality products. No matter whether you need to update your property’s façade or wish to reinforce its base, K-Mag is here to assist. Our additional services include:

Talk with the K-Mag Team

Don’t put up with an uncomfortable, noisy, less secure home any longer! Get maximum comfort and energy savings with expertly installed windows and siding in Peru IL from K-Mag Basement Solutions. To learn more about our services or request a quote, call 309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.