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Windows and Siding in Galesburg, IL

Update Your Property’s Windows and Siding in Galesburg IL

Old, rotting windows and cracked, deteriorating siding can lead to many issues for your property and its inhabitants. Believe it or not, your home or business’s siding and windows impact your property more than you might think. As such, the need for new windows and siding becomes urgent when your exterior condition declines! Thankfully, when it comes to windows and siding in Galesburg IL, homeowners and businesses count on K-Mag Basement Solutions for exceptional products and installation. Call today!

A home with recently installed Windows and Siding in Galesburg, IL

Why Should You Install New Siding and Windows?

Do your home’s windows and siding truly need replacing? It all depends on the function of your existing windows and siding and whether they’re performing as intended. If they aren’t, you’re likely experiencing issues directly or indirectly caused by the condition of your siding and window products. As such, with new siding and windows from K-Mag, clients can expect:

  • Reduction in Energy Costs – Old windows and siding are likely letting more air escape from your home than you know. As a result, your HVAC system must run harder and more often to keep interior temperatures consistent. However, constant HVAC usage can lead to some exorbitant electricity bills. An investment in new windows and siding can help reduce these utility costs.
  • Increased Longevity of HVAC Systems – Windows, siding and HVAC systems work hand in hand with each other. If siding and windows don’t control airflow in and out of your home, HVACs must pick up the slack! In turn, increased usage of your heating/cooling can lead to otherwise avoidable breaks and malfunctions in your system. New windows and siding reduce such concerns.
  • Improved Safety and Comfort – The latest window and siding products are incredibly high-quality, with features like greater insulation, reinforced frames, etc. Ultimately, these improvements can lend to a safer and more comfortable household. Better insulation helps maintain consistent temperatures, and strengthened windows increase your property’s security.
  • Less Noise Pollution – Windows and siding provide an additional protective layer that does more than keep cold, heat and moisture away; they reduce noise pollution, too! However, their noise reduction ability vastly decreases as your siding and windows age. New window and siding products keep your home quiet while the outside world rages on!
  • Greater Visual Appeal – There’s something to be said for the appearance of your home or business. If your property looks run down, it’s likely to drive visitors away, reduce curb appeal, and overall lower its value. Conversely, new siding and windows give your home or business’s façade the refresh it needs, improving your property’s aesthetics and increasing its value.
An open window in Galesburg IL, recently installed by K-Mag

How Else Can K-Mag Help?

If you need more than windows and siding in Galesburg IL, K-Mag Basement Solutions can still help! Our expert contractors have combined 40-plus years of experience with basement contracting, assisting businesses and homeowners in restoring their basements and foundations to like new. We value the high quality of our service and products, promising expert renovation meant to last a lifetime. Our additional services include:

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Rest assured, when your home or business requires new windows and siding in Galesburg IL, you can count on the trusted contractors at K-Mag Basement Solutions. To learn more about our renovation services or request a quote, contact K-Mag today at 309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.