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Windows and Siding in Bloomington, IL

Find Exceptional Installation for Your Windows and Siding in Bloomington IL

Keeping your home’s exterior up-to-date is as important as caring for your household’s interior. Thankfully, in addition to the best basement solutions in Central Illinois, K-Mag also supplies homeowners and businesses with expert installation for windows and siding in Bloomington IL. Whether you want to create a more energy-efficient home or enhance your property’s curb appeal, K-Mag can provide the best window and siding products.

A home with new, tan siding in Illinois

Why Invest in New Windows and Siding?

It’s common for siding and windows to be neglected parts of your property. After all, when moving into a new home or facility, you rarely consider the age or condition of your property’s exterior. However, as time progresses, aging windows can leak air, siding can crack, and your property’s façade begins to deteriorate. For these reasons, an investment in new siding and windows is essential! Some of the benefits of new siding and windows include:

  • Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency – Old siding and windows tend to lose their insulative qualities over time. As a result, your home’s HVAC system will have trouble maintaining consistent temperatures, thus causing your electric bills to rise. New, insulated siding and windows can resolve such issues.
  • Prolong the Lifespan of Your HVAC – Speaking of electric usage and your HVAC system, new siding and windows can help preserve an HVAC’s lifespan. If your HVAC has to work less hard to keep temperatures in your home consistent, wear and tear won’t be nearly as severe to cause premature breakdowns or malfunctions.
  • Increase Your Property’s Security – Older windows lack the advanced locking mechanisms that some newer windows possess. Additionally, deterioration and age make older windows easier to break into. New window products can protect your home and add a layer of security.
  • Reduce Noise Pollution – Whether you live near a busy intersection or noisy neighbors, you want siding and windows that reduce noise pollution in your home. New siding and windows from K-Mag insulate your home, blocking most intrusive noises and keeping your interior quiet and comfortable.
  • Increase Curb Appeal & Value – Whether looking to spruce up your exterior or wishing to add value to your property, new siding does the trick! Different styles and siding colors can improve your home’s aesthetics, increasing its curb appeal and improving your property’s overall resale value.

About K-Mag Basement Solutions

In addition to supplying homeowners and businesses with windows and siding in Bloomington IL, K-Mag primarily specializes in basement finishing and waterproofing! Our team boasts a collective experience of over 40 years in the contracting industry, guaranteeing unparalleled excellence and unwavering commitment to service. If your property’s needs extend beyond its exterior, K-Mag can assist with our expert basement contracting services:

A kitchen with beautiful new windows

Count on K-Mag for Beautiful Windows and Siding

There’s no reason to let your property go on without proper windows and siding in Bloomington IL. To improve your home or business’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, security, and more, invest in new siding and windows from K-Mag Basement Solutions. Learn more about our services or request a quote by calling 309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.