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Basement Finishing Bloomington IL

The Best Basement Finishing In Bloomington IL

Finishing off your basement is a tried and true way to expand your living space and the value of your home. It can even reduce your monthly energy bills! No wonder so many homeowners are eager to jump into a basement makeover. However, before you rush into any basement project, you must make sure the space is properly prepared. If you’re ready to do basement finishing in Bloomington IL right, call K-Mag Basement Solutions.

The First Step For Basement FInishing In Bloomington IL Is Waterproofing

It’s easy to look at the gray walls of a basement and envision the space transformed into a home theater or a family room where everyone can relax at the end of the day. But many a homeowner has excitedly jumped into a do-it-yourself basement decorating project only to be disappointed when moisture ruins everything.

Before you install flooring, wall treatments or any other cosmetic touches, you want to be sure your basement will remain dry. The very last thing you want is to make an investment in new furnishings and equipment only to have your new items damaged by water. 

A wet basement is no place for electronics, drywall or carpeting.

That’s where the professionals at K-Mag Basement Solutions come in. When our contractors do basement finishing in Bloomington IL, we make sure everything in your basement stays nice and dry so you can relax and enjoy your new living area. 

We offer product and service warranties so you can decorate your new living space with peace of mind.

What Are Some Possibilities For A Finished Basement?

Our customers use their basements in many creative ways. Here are a few of the ideas we’ve seen:

  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Hobby and crafting area
  • Playroom
  • Media area or library
  • Home theater
  • Secondary kitchen
  • Dance studio
  • Home workshop
  • Home recording studio

Are You Ready To Let Us Transform Your Basement?

For basement finishing in Bloomington IL that will make your basement dreams a reality, call K-Mag Basement Solutions today at 309-863-7671. Let’s talk about your plans, budget and design ideas. Our experienced team will come up with an estimate, warranty information and complete financing options.