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Windows and Siding in Chillicothe, IL

Find the Perfect Windows and Siding in Chillicothe IL

When making updates to your property, have you considered its exterior? Even your home or business’s façade needs an upgrade now and again. Especially if you’re purchasing a property, it’s worth checking the age of your existing windows and siding. If it’s more than a decade old or shows visible signs of deterioration, it’s time to consider new windows and siding in Chillicothe IL. Give the renovation experts at K-Mag Basement Solutions a call!

Man installing new windows in a home in Chillicothe IL

How Do New Windows and Siding Help?

If you haven’t updated your home’s windows or siding for a while, you’ve likely noticed a few changes around your property. Things like drafts, inconsistent temperatures, and excessive noise pollution can all directly result from the ineffectiveness of your existing siding and windows. For these reasons, an investment in new window and siding products is in your best interest. New windows and siding can help resolve matters involving:

  • Excessive Energy Usage – If your home cannot keep warm or cool air in, your HVAC system must work harder to maintain consistent interior temperatures. As a result, your HVAC draws on significantly more power than should be necessary, increasing your monthly utility bills. New windows and siding help reduce your home’s need for constant heating/cooling.
  • HVAC Breakdowns and Malfunctions – Although windows and siding don’t directly affect your HVAC system’s operation, they can contribute to its overuse. The more your HVAC system must run, the greater the chances of a breakdown or malfunction. Thankfully, insulative windows and siding allow your HVAC systems to “take a break.”
  • Comfort and Security – Ensuring your property is safe and comfortable is always at the top of your concerns. However, inconsistent temperatures and drafts bother inhabitants, and old/deteriorating windows don’t offer the most security. New, reinforced windows with improved locking mechanisms and insulated siding resolve both issues.
  • Noise Control – Rumbling trains, heavy traffic, and general exterior noises can keep you up at night and are incredibly intrusive during the day. Unfortunately, uninsulated siding and less secure windows don’t do anything to keep noise pollution out. An update to your siding and windows can help reduce noise pollution entering your home or exuding from it.
  • Exterior Aesthetics – Holey siding, cracked windows, and other exterior issues can be unsightly for passersby. Not to mention, these problems can significantly impact the value of your home! Thankfully, with beautiful custom siding and windows from K-Mag, you can greatly increase your property’s curb appeal and resale value.
New grey siding in Chillicothe IL

Find the Right Renovation Services with K-Mag

If windows and siding in Chillicothe IL are what you need, K-Mag can happily oblige with our top-rated, exceptional window and siding products! However, exterior renovations aren’t the only services K-Mag offers. In fact, K-Mag specializes in basement repair and finishing. Our team of expert contractors has a combined 40-plus years of experience, providing clients across Central Illinois with excellent basement solutions that last a lifetime. Some of our additional services include:

Talk with the K-Mag Team

When your home or business desperately needs new windows and siding in Chillicothe IL, K-Mag Basement Solutions can provide the exceptional service and products you need! To learn more about K-Mag and our services or request a quote, call 309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.