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Basement Waterproofing Peoria IL

Can Basement Waterproofing in Peoria IL Restore Your Basement?

In Illinois and throughout the Midwest, it’s relatively common for your home to have a basement. However, the Midwest’s climate and temperatures can make keeping that basement dry seem like an impossible task! Thankfully, with some effective dry basement solutions, there are easy ways to ensure water stays out of your basement. K-Mag Basement Solutions has the answer to basement waterproofing in Peoria IL; call today!

A sump pump used in basement waterproofing for Peoria IL

Why Do You Need Basement Waterproofing?

Even if your basement is unfinished and primarily used for laundry or storage, waterproofing is still important! Water and moisture, no matter where it’s located, can be detrimental to your home’s condition and structural stability. Or, waterproofing your basement might be the first step you take towards having your basement finished! Here are some additional reasons why you should consider basement waterproofing in Peoria IL:

  • Protect Your Home – Moisture in your home can cause a host of additional issues that impact the health and safety of inhabitants. For example, if water enters your basement through a cracked foundation, it will only further exasperate your foundation’s condition, leading to cracked drywall, sagging floors and bowed walls. Or, an increase in moisture can lead to mold and bacterial growth in the darker corners of your home.
  • Protect Your Belongings – In addition to protecting your home, basement waterproofing helps keep your belongings safe and dry. As mentioned previously, an unfinished basement is often used as home storage. While a bit of water in an area of your home you don’t use often might not seem problematic, water pooling near or under stored boxes can potentially damage the items inside. Worse yet, if your basement is prone to flooding, you risk completely losing stored belongings.
  • Create a Livable Space – For many homeowners, basement waterproofing is the first step toward finishing a basement. While unfinished basements are great for storage, a finished basement can be used as a bedroom, rec room, exercise room, general living space, and much more! However, none of this is possible if you can’t reliably keep water out of your basement. Thankfully, K-Mag has the best solutions for dry basements in Central Illinois.
A man helping repair a basement's foundation during basement waterproofing in Peoria IL

How Can We Waterproof Your Basement?

For over 40 years, K-Mag has delivered reliable and long-lasting basement waterproofing to Peoria IL households and businesses. After repairing cracks in your basement’s walls and foundation, we are quick to implement dry basement solutions such as:

  • Interior Waterproofing System – Known as a French Drain, this system uses a channel below your basement concrete slab that runs excess water toward a sump pump. The system is all fitted below the floor, providing an aesthetic finish.
  • Sump Pumps – K-Mag can also install sump pumps for your basement, separate from our interior waterproofing system. While a sump pump doesn’t prevent water from entering your basement, it ensures excess water is quickly carried away and prevents flooding.
  • Vapor Barrier/Encapsulation – By encapsulating your crawlspace or basement with a vapor barrier like Grip-Tite’s Flexi-Seal sheeting, you can completely seal an area and prevent water and moisture from entering your home.

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When looking for the answer to your issues with moisture in your basement, count on effective basement waterproofing in Peoria IL from K-Mag Basement Solutions. To learn more about our company and additional services like foundation repair, crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation and basement finishing, call us today at 309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.