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Foundation Repair East Peoria IL

Best Company for Foundation Repair in East Peoria IL

K-Mag Basement Solutions uses products and services proven to deliver guaranteed results to provide the best foundation repair in East Peoria IL. We are certified installers of Grip-Tite, a manufacturer offering the best foundation repair solutions available. Our contractors can provide solutions that address the following types of foundation damage:

Foundation Repair East Peoria IL
  • Bowing Walls
  • Floor Cracks
  • Uneven Floors
  • Wall Cracks
  • Foundation Heave
  • Doors and Windows Sticking
  • Sagging Crawl Space
  • Settlement Sinking

With more than 40 years of expertise, our qualified contractors offer the best solutions and equipment for foundation repair in East Peoria IL. Count on us to restore functional and safe conditions at your home. Send us an email now to request a free quote or schedule a consultation.

Wall Anchors

If you have cracking, bowing, leaning, or tilting walls, K-Mag Basement Solutions can help with our foundation repair in East Peoria IL. Our Grip-Tite wall anchors stabilize and secure deteriorating basement walls. Rather than total overhaul of your basement, we can install an interior wall plate, exterior soil anchor, connecting steel rod, and hardware to strengthen and set your basement walls. Here is how the Grip-Tite wall anchor system works:

  • Wall anchors are extended to hard soil.
  • They anchor into the soil and provide your home with a bracing force.
  • This system counteracts pushing forces caused by wet, unstable soil around your home.
  • We can tighten the anchors to correct any damage and move your foundation walls back to where they should be.

Crawl Space Stabilizers

This solution works well if you have unsupported beams in your crawl space or sagging floor joists. Grip-Tite crawl space stabilizers work by giving the floor additional support from underneath it. They get installed beneath the beam that supports the crawl space joists. The stabilizers do not budge because they are set on a concrete pad and base of compacted stone. Plus, they do not settle like masonry piers or rot like wood posts. They are the ideal option to bring structure and stability back to your floors.

Carbon Fiber Systems

K-Mag Basement Solutions also offers products that strengthen concrete as part of our foundation repair in East Peoria IL. Grip-Tite carbon fiber systems make concrete stronger in both horizontal and vertical layers. Plus, these products are made in America! That’s right, carbon fiber systems we use are made using real American-made steel. These products support traditional foundation repair, concrete repair, and crack injection applications.

Foundation Repair East Peoria IL

Slab Pier Systems

If you have failing concrete slabs or uneven floors, we can offer an ideal solution as part of our foundation repair in East Peoria IL. Slab piers are used to support and re-level failing concrete slabs that are beneath your property. Here are the best benefits of Grip-Tite foundation repair pier systems:

  • You can level and stabilize floor slabs without the inconvenience of total replacement.
  • They can get installed in areas with limited access.
  • We can install these systems all year long.
  • Products are available with hot-dipped galvanized coating for superior corrosion resistance, protecting your investment from the elements.

Contact Us for Foundation Repair in East Peoria IL

K-Mag Basement Solutions are the experts to call when you need foundation repair in East Peoria IL. We have teamed up with Grip-Tite Manufacturing so we can offer outstanding products that deliver the best results. In addition to foundation repair, we also specialize in basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, and basement finishing. Email us now or call
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