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Foundation Crack Repair Peoria IL

Your Go-To Contractors for Foundation Crack Repair in Peoria IL

As our homes age, repairs and maintenance become par for the course. Best case scenario, issues with your house are purely cosmetic! However, more severe issues, like cracks in your foundation, should be resolved ASAP. With attention from experienced basement and foundation contractors, cracks in your foundation can be quickly identified and repaired with no harm to your property or interruption to daily life. When needing foundation crack repair in Peoria IL, residents turn to K-Mag Basement Solutions as their go-to contractors.

A structural crack needing Foundation Crack Repair in Peoria IL

When Should You Be Worried About Cracks?

Not all cracks in your foundation are immediate cause for concern. Some cracks, while unsightly, don’t impact the structural integrity of your foundation. Knowing the difference between structural and non-structural cracks can help you identify problems before they worsen and when to call K-Mag for quick and effective repair.

Non-Structural Cracks

Small hairline cracks should not be cause for alarm when inspecting your basement and foundation. These superficial cracks occur when concrete “settles” or slightly shrinks as it cures. However, don’t completely write these cracks off! If you spot cracks no wider than 1/8 inch, monitor them to see if they grow bigger. If they continue to expand, the crack might be structural and require immediate attention.

Structural Cracks

A structural crack, upon discovery, is something that should be taken care of quickly. Structural cracks can appear in your foundation or basement for numerous reasons. For example, shifting and expanding soil under your foundation can cause it to shift and crack. Additionally, significant exposure to water and moisture around your home’s base can cause hydrostatic pressure to build up and press against your foundation. These issues become apparent if cracks are:

  • Wider than 1/8 inch
  • Wider at one end
  • Diagonal
  • Stair step cracks (in brick foundations)
  • Horizontal along the foundation
  • Across ceilings, down walls, or both
A stairstep crack requiring Foundation Crack Repair in Peoria IL

What Can Be Done?

Foundation crack repair in Peoria IL is one of K-Mag’s primary services! We understand basements and foundations better than your average contractors. Our team uses long-lasting techniques and effective tools/systems for repairing cracks and stabilizing your foundation. In addition to filling in existing cracks, we reinforce your foundation using:

  • Wall Anchors – We install an interior wall plate, exterior soil anchor, connecting steel rod and hardware to set and strengthen cracking, bowing or tilting walls.
  • Crawlspace Stabilizers – If crawl spaces are under your home’s foundation, we use our Grip-Tite stabilizers to reinforce your foundation and ensure stresses in beam joists or soils return to an acceptable limit.
  • Carbon Fiber – We use various carbon fiber products to strengthen concrete vertically and horizontally. Such products include bi-directional fabric, bonding epoxy, carbon weld, epoxy paste, and more.
  • I-Beams – Rather than relying on your standard wooden posts and beams to support your basement walls, we can install steel, heavy-duty I-beams for maximum structural stability.

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Cracks in your basement can be a sign of foundation issues to come! To ensure your home’s foundation stays safe and secure, seek high-quality foundation crack repair in Peoria IL from the experts at K-Mag Basement Solutions. To learn more about our services, including basement waterproofing, basement finishing, crawl space repair and crawl space encapsulation, call today at 309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.