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Foundation Crack Repair East Peoria IL

Do You Need A Foundation Crack Repair In East Peoria IL?

The stability of the foundation of your home couldn’t be more important. It is literally what supports the entirety of your house. So if you see a crack, don’t delay – such problems never get better with time. Let the experts at K-Mag Basement Solutions handle your foundation crack repair in East Peoria IL.

A damaged brick wall is seen. K-Mag Basement Solutions performs Foundation Crack Repair in East Peoria IL.

What Causes Foundation Cracks?

Foundation cracks are not uncommon, especially in older homes. However, sometimes cracks can occur even in newer homes. Some of the factors known to cause foundation cracks include:

  • Poor construction
  • Standing water
  • Inadequate drainage system
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Too much moisture
  • Not enough moisture
  • Large trees whose roots may interfere with the foundation
  • Improper soil compaction

If you have a foundation crack, call K-Mag, the foundation specialists, right away. We will inspect the foundation, diagnose the reason for the problem and come up with a plan for fixing it and restoring your home’s stability. We are proud to partner with Grip-Tite Products, which help protect your home against further shifting and settling.

Shifting and settling, if not corrected, can eventually cause further damage to the integrity of the rest of your home, noticeable by problems such as windows no longer smoothly opening.

A man inspects a brick foundation. K-Mag Basement Solutions perform Foundation Crack Repair in East Peoria IL.

Is K-Mag Experienced With Foundation Crack Repairs?

Our knowledgeable team of foundation experts has a combined total of more than 40 years of experience in taking care of foundations, basements and crawl spaces.

Does K-Mag Offer Warranties On Its Work?

K-Mag’s team of experienced professionals maintains a high standard of excellence. We offer competitive pricing and a trusted warranty. Plus, we will always treat your home as if it were our own.

Don’t Wait If You Have A Crack In Your Foundation!

If you need foundation crack repair in East Peoria IL, call K-Mag Basement Solutions today at 309-863-7671 for a free quote. You can trust our experienced, professional staff to restore your foundation and your peace of mind.