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Foundation Crack Repair Bloomington IL

Cracks in Your Basement? Seek Foundation Crack Repair in Bloomington IL

After finding cracks in your basement and foundation, you have good reason to be concerned! After all, foundation cracks can lead to further structural issues and cause damage throughout your home. However, not all cracks are immediate cause for concern, some being more “cosmetic” in nature. For homeowners looking to resolve foundation issues before they worsen, K-Mag Basement Solutions offers excellent foundation crack repair for Bloomington IL residents. Call today!

A structural crack requiring Foundation Crack Repair in Bloomington IL

The Difference Between Non-Structural & Structural Cracks

As mentioned already, not all cracks mean your foundation is failing. However, knowing the difference between a non-structural crack and a structural crack matters when confirming your foundation’s structural integrity. If you are unsure what types of cracks you’re dealing with in your home, here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

What’s a Non-Structural Crack?

Unfortunately, cracks can form in your basement’s concrete simply due to age. As the concrete settles and cures, it can experience minor shrinkage, thus causing small hairline cracks in your foundation. However, these cracks are purely surface-level and don’t cause actual harm to your home’s foundation. Although, be sure to monitor these cracks, as they might not be as they appear. For example, if you see a crack expand wider than 1/8 inch or water seems to be seeping through, it requires further attention.

What’s a Structural Crack?

A structural crack is usually easier to identify, as these cracks are typically more extensive than non-structural cracks. Structural cracks can result from soil shifting and expanding around your foundation due to poor drainage around your home’s base, weather conditions, temperature, soil compactness, and more. Ultimately, water is your foundation’s worst enemy, as it’s the cause of most foundational issues that can occur. To determine whether your home’s foundation needs attention, cracks will appear:

  • Wider than 1/8 inch
  • Wider at one end
  • Diagonal
  • Stair step cracks (in brick foundations)
  • Horizontal along the foundation
  • Across ceilings, down walls, or both

How Can We Help?

Upon the discovery of structural cracks in your basement, K-Mag will take action to implement effective and long-lasting foundation crack repair in Bloomington IL. Our contractors understand the best methods for sealing cracks and restoring/stabilizing your foundation. For example, some of our foundation repair techniques involve:

A paper house with a rip/crack, related to Foundation Crack Repair in Bloomington IL
  • Wall Anchors – To reinforce buckling, bending, or leaning outward walls, we install interior wall plates along with an exterior soil anchor. We then connect a steel rod to the hardware and set it into place for maximum support.
  • Carbon Fiber – To reinforce concrete vertically and horizontally, we incorporate a range of carbon fiber products such as bi-directional fabric, epoxy paste, bonding epoxy, and carbon weld.
  • I-Beams – Instead of using traditional posts and beams, our team can install heavy-duty steel I-beams for enhanced structural integrity in your basement walls. This will provide the maximum stability necessary to ensure your foundation is secure.
  • Crawlspace Stabilizers – Our Grip-Tite stabilizers provide a powerful reinforcement to your foundation if there are crawl spaces under it, guaranteeing that the stress in beam joists or soils returns to an acceptable level.

Call K-Mag!

The key to a safe and secure home is ensuring your foundation is properly stabilized, and cracks are sealed. When seeking effective and long-lasting foundation crack repair in Bloomington IL, homeowners rely on K-Mag Basement Solutions. To learn more about our services, including basement waterproofing, basement finishing, crawl space repair and crawl space encapsulation, call today at 309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.