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Foundation Contractors Bloomington IL

Looking For The Best Foundation Contractors in Bloomington IL?

If you fear your home has a foundation issue, you can get peace of mind with the certified contractors at K-Mag Basement Solutions. They are the most trusted foundation contractors in Bloomington IL.

K-Mag, Foundation Contractors in Bloomington IL, can fix degraded walls like this one.

When Should You Call The Best Foundation Contractors In Bloomington IL?

It’s never a good idea to wait. Foundation problems do not improve on their own, and a foundation failure can quickly cause the rest of your home to crumble no matter how much time and money you spend working on your walls and floors.

That’s why it’s best to correct problems as soon as possible. A thorough professional inspection by K-Mag will let you know exactly what you’re dealing with, our recommended repairs and the estimated cost.

What Are Some Of The Signs That Your House Requires Foundation Repair Work?

Because every home is unique, every foundation must be evaluated individually. K-Mag’s foundation contractors will inspect your foundation before providing recommendations and an estimate for problems such as:

Foundation Contractors in Bloomington IL can fix degraded foundations like this one.

We Use Products Made By The Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co.

K-Mag is proud to partner with Grip-Tite. We are a certified contractor with Grip-Tite and are approved to provide their products, such as:

  • Wall anchors: These are used to correct leaning, tilting, bowing or cracking walls. They offer a cost-effective and minimally invasive solution.
  • Crawlspace stabilizers: These correct things like sagging floor joists, unsupported beans or foundation settlement.
  • Carbon fiber products. This array of products is used to strengthen concrete both vertically and horizontally.
  • I-Beams: These metal products can span longer distances and provide more durability than wood beams.

Ready To Get Started?

If you want the most trusted foundation contractors in Bloomington IL to secure and enhance your home’s foundation, call K-Mag Basement Solutions at 309-863-7671.