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Egress Windows Peoria IL

We Build Egress Windows In Peoria IL

Finishing your basement can add much-appreciated living space while adding significant value to your home. However, if your existing basement has never been used for anything but storage and utilities, you may need to add one or more egress windows for safety’s sake. Talk to K-Mag Basement Solutions if you want to add egress windows in Peoria IL.

An egress window is seen. K-Mag Basement Solutions install Egress Windows in Peoria IL.

What Are Egress Windows?

An egress window is large enough to open fully and allow everyone to get out quickly in the event of a house fire or other emergency.

What Are The Advantages Of Egress Windows?

While these windows are vital for emergencies, that’s not all they do. There are several advantages to egress windows, including these:

  • Egress windows allow safe exits in case of emergency.
  • Egress windows allow emergency workers easy access to your basement space in case of emergency.
  • Egress windows add much-desired natural light and ventilation to your basement.
  • Egress windows can greatly increase the value of your home.

What If The Egress Window Opens Below Grade?

Obviously, a window won’t do you any good if it’s located underground! An egress window well solves that problem. It allows space for people to exit the basement through the window – or to allow emergency personnel to come in. If the well is deep, a ladder can be added to assist people in getting into and out of the egress window.

K-Mag will make sure your egress windows (and, if needed, window wells) meet all local codes.

A window well is seen. K-Mag Basement Solutions installs window wells and Egress Windows in Peoria IL.

What If The Basement Was Already Finished By Previous Owners But No Egress Window Was Installed?

At times, homeowners turn basements into bedrooms or other living spaces without following safety codes. If this is the case with your home, you will want to add the egress windows now for several reasons: safety, increased light and ventilation and to increase your home’s value.

How Can Adding Egress Windows Increase The Value Of A Home?

Without a safe exit, a basement bedroom cannot be counted as a conforming bedroom. If your home has five bedrooms but two are in the basement and do not have egress windows or similar emergency exits, you cannot market your house as a five-bedroom residence.

Having extra bedrooms in your house can greatly increase its value.

Ready To Add Egress Windows In Peoria IL?

Egress windows in Peoria IL are just a phone call away. Call K-Mag Basement Solutions today at 309-863-7671 for a free quote.