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Basement Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL

Searching for the Best Basement Waterproofing Companies for Peoria IL?

You’re not alone! As a Midwestern resident, your home likely has a basement. While basements can afford you significantly more space for your home’s interior, your basement isn’t truly “livable” until it’s been waterproofed. That’s where K-Mag Basement Solutions can help! We are one of residents’ most trusted basement waterproofing companies in Peoria IL. For the best, most effective basement waterproofing solutions, count on K-Mag.

A sump pump installed by Basement Waterproofing Companies in Peoria IL

Why Choose K-Mag?

Between K-Mag’s superior products, experienced contractors, and prompt services, we strive to set ourselves apart from other waterproofing companies in Peoria IL. We go above and beyond for our clients and implement effective, long-lasting solutions that guarantee results.

  • Experienced Contractors – Few contractors have as much experience waterproofing basements as the contractors at K-Mag do. With over 40 years of combined experience, we understand what it takes to seal and protect your basement.
  • Superior Products – K-Mag has teamed up with Grip-Tite Manufacturing to offer outstanding products that create a stable and waterproof foundation for your home. Grip-Tite’s products are top-of-line, backed by our best-in-class warranty.
  • Prompt Services – Your household’s safety and home’s condition are important to K-Mag. When basement repairs and waterproofing needs are urgent, we quickly provide service. Upon inspection of your basement, we will recommend what we believe to be the best waterproofing solutions and will make an effort to begin and complete your project within a short span of time.
  • Available Financing – While paying for basement waterproofing can prove challenging for some, K-Mag strives to set affordable, competitive pricing for our services. Additionally, if you’re concerned about whether you can afford basement waterproofing, K-Mag can assist with our flexible financing options.
  • Locally Based – K-Mag Basement Solutions is proud to be a small, family-owned, Christian-based company. We understand the needs of Central Illinois homeowners and what it takes to ensure air-tight, moisture-free basements in Midwestern climates.

Our Waterproofing Services

When it comes to waterproofing, K-Mag implements effective and long-lasting techniques most beneficial for your basement and foundation. K-Mag’s best waterproofing solutions include sump pump installation, interior waterproofing systems, and vapor barriers for basement/crawlspace encapsulation.Basement waterproofing companies in Peoria IL applying sealant to a basement floor

  • Sump Pumps – Having a sump pump installed doesn’t outright prevent water from getting into your basement. However, sump pumps are effective for catching excess water escaping into your home, preventing flooding and diverting water outside and away from your foundation.
  • Interior Waterproofing System – If a sump pump isn’t enough, an interior waterproofing system goes a step further. Also called a French Drain, this system consists of a channel below your basement concrete slab that funnels water toward a sump pump. French Drains are minimally invasive and highly effective.
  • Vapor Barrier/Encapsulation – Grip-Tite’s Flexi-Seal sheeting is our most effective waterproofing solution. Flexi-Seal is a vapor barrier made of impermeable material. Using Flexi-Seal, we can encapsulate your basement or crawlspace, enabling your basement to withstand water leakage, damage and flooding.

Talk with Our Team

For waterproofing you can count on, K-Mag Basement Solutions is the clear choice of basement waterproofing companies for Peoria IL. To learn more about our company and additional services like foundation repair, crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation and basement finishing, contact us at
309-863-7671. We serve clients in the Greater Peoria area and throughout Central Illinois.