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Basement Finishing Washington IL

Create Unique Living Spaces with Basement Finishing in Washington IL

Finding the space to enjoy hobbies, get work done, or be comfortable can be challenging if your home is full! However, it’s important to still do the things you love and enjoy those in your company, even if your home has begun to feel “cramped.” If such is the case for you and your household, it’s worth expanding your space. But not just any expansion; an investment in a finished basement is the perfect option for your Midwest home! And for expert basement finishing in Washington IL and the surrounding communities, homeowners trust K-Mag Basement Solutions.

Recent drywalled and painted wall after Basement Finishing in Washington IL

Why is Basement Finishing Better than Room Additions or Expansions?

If your home already has a large, unfinished basement you’re only using for laundry or storage, why not make something more of your space? Homeowners looking to build out their property think twice when considering basement finishing instead. From lower costs to greater versatility, it’s no wonder basement finishing is the preferred home expansion choice for families across Illinois.

  • More Convenient – Because there are already walls and a foundation in place for your basement, it doesn’t require extensive construction to revise your existing space. Conversely, if going the route of a room addition or expansion, you’ll have to build out your home, consider additional exterior renovation, and have contractors completely design and build your addition from the ground up. Such renovations can be inconvenient and time-consuming for those in your home.
  • Greater Affordability – Speaking of everything extra it takes to construct an expansion, it will cost significantly more than basement finishing. However, you have to worry about not only material and labor costs. Expanding your home creates more space to heat and cool and leaves an otherwise damp and drafty basement in place. By finishing your basement, you don’t create “extra” space and provide insulation for your basement, reducing your overall utility bills.
  • Incredible Versatility – Making your basement “livable” opens up a world of possibilities! What will you use your new space for? Do you need a quiet office to get work done? Or would you prefer a home theater your family and friends can enjoy? The choice is yours! Basement finishing is incredibly versatile, allowing homeowners to make anything they want of the extra space K-Mag Basement Solutions helps create.
A large carpeted basement after Basement Finishing in Washington IL

How Does K-Mag Transform Your Basement?

K-Mag Basement Solutions employs experts in drywalling, flooring, electricity, and waterproofing to provide a complete renovation of your basement space. Talk with our team to discuss your options for basement finishing in Washington IL, and we’ll help you determine what your basement needs to be as comfortable and inviting as possible. Our basement finishing services include:

  • Waterproofing – A wet basement doesn’t make for a comfy living space. As such, K-Mag Basement Solutions has exactly what’s needed to waterproof your basement. Our contractors can install various waterproofing systems, including French Drains, sump pumps and vapor barriers.
  • Drywalling – Once your basement is moisture-free, we can get to work! We start by drywalling your space and creating framing and walls for any unique rooms you wish to create. Whether an open space or divided into separate rooms, we help you achieve your vision of the perfect basement.
  • Flooring – With drywalling, we also install new flooring for your basement, so you aren’t always walking over hard, cold concrete. Flooring additions include vinyl, tile, carpeting, and other durable and long-lasting options that make your basement feel truly livable.
  • Electricity – If your basement lacks the proper electrical connections and wiring, K-Mag Basement Solutions has you covered. Our expert electrician can help install new light fixtures, outlets, and additional connections, ensuring you can make the most out of your finished basement.

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If a home expansion is something you desire, skip expensive additions and renovations and instead invest in expert basement finishing in Washington IL from K-Mag Basement Solutions. To request a quote or learn more about our additional services like basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation or foundation repair, call 309-863-7671. K-Mag Basement Solutions is located at 11 West Ash Street, Chillicothe, IL 61523, serving clients in the Greater Peoria area and across Central Illinois.