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Basement Contractors East Peoria IL

Are You Looking For The Best Basement Contractors In East Peoria IL?

Whether you need to repair bowing basement walls, take care of moisture and flooding or want to turn your basement into a showplace, you will want to work with the best basement contractors in East Peoria IL. Call K-Mag Basement Solutions at 309-863-7671.

A pool table is seen in a finished basement. K-Mag Basement Solutions is among teh best Basement Contractors in East Peoria IL.

What Are Some Common Basement Issues?

K-Mag offers the full line of basement repair and protection services, including:

Is K-Mag Basement Solutions An Experienced Basement Contractor?

Our knowledgeable team has a combined total of more than 40 years of experience in taking care of basements and crawl spaces. We are proud to partner with Grip-Tite and use their products when your crawl space, basement or foundation requires repair.

Is The Work Guaranteed?

We stand behind our products and services with a best-in-class warranty. We understand the importance of keeping your home safe and protected against foundation and water issues.

Does K-Mag Offer Basement Finishing?

Once we’ve turned your basement into a secure and sturdy space protected from moisture and flooding, you may want to turn your basement into additional living space. As the best basement contractors in East Peoria IL, we can help you realize all your basement dreams.

A foundation expert is seen repairing a foundation. K-Mag Basement Solutions is one of the best Basement Contractors in East Peoria IL.

We have helped our customers turn their basements into all kinds of unique, useful and beautiful spaces, increasing their home value in the process.

Some ideas for your new basement space include:

  • Playroom
  • Guest room
  • Secondary kitchen
  • Dance studio
  • Home office
  • Workout space
  • Hobby or craft area
  • Home library
  • Movie theater

Does Your Basement Need Professional Maintenance?

Our experienced, professional staff will take care of your basement and home as if it were our own. So if you need the best and most experienced basement contractors in East Peoria, let’s get started! Call K-Mag Basement Solutions today at 309-863-7671 for a free quote.