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Basement Contractors Bloomington IL

Looking For The Basement Contractors Bloomington IL?

When you want the best basement contractors in Bloomington IL, turn to K-Mag Basement Solutions. We’re the local experts in turning unused basements into beautiful living spaces.

Pictured is a finished basement, such as Basement Contractors in Bloomington IL like K-Mag build.

Dreaming Of More Living Space?

Many homeowners dream of turning their basements into extra space for their families to enjoy and to increase the value of their homes.

But before you put any resources into decorating your basement, it’s vital to first ensure your basement walls are secure and that your basement is dry and will stay dry.

The last thing you want is to decorate your basement and then lose your investment to water damage. That’s why you need K-Mag to help make your project a success.

How Can A Call To The Best Basement Contractors In Bloomington IL Help?

First thing first! Since every basement is unique, our recommendations will be tailored to your needs. We will inspect your basement, listen to your dreams and come up with an individualized plan, complete with an estimate.

Our individualized plan may include any or all of the following:

  • Repairing and restoring your basement to a good condition, if needed.
  • If the walls are bowing, we will repair them.
  • We will find, fill and seal any cracks through which water is getting through.
  • Installing a waterproofing system, as needed.
  • Installing a sump pump, vapor barrier, draining system or dehumidifier.
A basement is seen under construction. K-Mag provides Basement Contractors in Bloomington IL.

Once We Know Your Basement Is Dry and Protected, It’s Time For The Fun Part.

Some of the things our customers have enjoyed turning their basements into include:

  • Workout space
  • Family room
  • Home theater
  • Playroom
  • Home office
  • Arts and crafts studio
  • Second kitchen
  • Home library

Ready To Start Turning Your Basement Into The Space You’ve Always Wanted?

It’s time to call the best basement contractors in Bloomington IL, K-Mag Basement Solutions, at 309-863-7671. Let’s start making all your family’s basement dreams come true.